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  • Students who wish to transfer or withdraw for their courses are required to do so via:

    ·       Student online portal – click the button on the LMS and effect the days.



    A transfer is considered when a student wants to change to a new date of the course he has registered. 


    A valid transfer entry is where:

    a.         student is transferring to a new date of the same course

    b.         student has registered for the course and he is transferring to a new date of the same or different course

    Failure to meet the above criteria, the system would not permit a transfer and will send a notification email.


    Where the above is fulfilled, the system will record a transfer automatically to a new date/course.




    b. Withdrawal and transference of classes are in lieu of the Refund Policy and transfer and withdrawal fees payable. A late transfer done less than 3 working days before course commencement will incur a penalty fee of $30.

              Students who wish to withdraw must inform NATC at least 7 working days before the course commencement date. Failing to do so, a withdrawal fee will be charged as follows: 

    1.     S$30.00 - Withdraw from course less than 7 working days before the course  starts.

    2.     S$30.00- Absence without supporting documents will result                        in position of penalty.

    3.     No withdrawal fee - Withdraw from the course 7 working days before        the course starts 


    c. Transfer / Withdrawals done in the LMS, student portal by student Emails will be sent automatically from the system. ntative will meet with the student to do the following: – Check that the student satisfies the Entry Requirements/Pre-Requisite of the requested course
  • Discuss with student the reasons for him/her wanting to transfer, and for international students, explain the potential implications on his/her student pass, etc.
  • Inform the student that he/she can be charged for all units consumed.
  • Local students will be notified of the outcome within 7 working days from the receipt of the transfer request. 
  • Admin Manager working with the Head of SSS and Treasurer, attends to or oversees the various transfer matters including
  • Issuance of a Letter of Transfer to the student effecting the transfer
  • Terminating the existing contract
  • Signing of the new contract
  • Calculate unused fee for course A to be discounted from course fee for course B (if applicable)
  • Refund fees for course A (if applicable)
  • Calculate any additional fee payable (if the new course is more expensive than the existing one)

All refunds for withdrawal (where applicable) will be made to the student within 7 working days.

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