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“The world is your oyster”, ”as the wise man says; beyond the globalisation of today’s economic and commercial struggle, there will always be a silver lining in our life. From a young executive to an enterprising director, from a multi-national company to a democratic nation, life in pursuit of excellence, success and fortune has become a mantra. Staying competitive in this high-strung economy of the new millennium has morphed our workforce to be more prepared, resilient and at a cutting-edge. Besides having one of the best public educations in the world, this red dot offers a whole string of possibilities in scaling newer heights for adult learning and employability training. Our Group of Companies has been in the business of people motivation through life skills and professional training for more then a decade and reaching out to many thousands of participants annually. Today, our private education institution presents a window of opportunity for both former students and working adults alike in search of their silver linings that is still hovering over that clouds of new hopes, promises and a promising future.

Coupled with the experiences in administrating our suit to our WSQ course programmes of multi-faceted vocational and enrichment courses from our internationally-acclaimed education partners, the learning journey is supported by a dedicated and versatile teaching team. We “educate, empower and enrich” our students with not only the experiential skills but also the discerning attitude and proactive mindset towards making a better tomorrow. We embrace the philosophy of wholesome satisfaction fulfilment from both our students and partners. We would also focus on value-added services in enabling our students to stay relevant, nimble and motivated in weathering the complex challenges of today’s marketplace.

As a famous quote from Albert Einstein, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” So at NATC Private Institute, we do not just offer you a simple education but a lifetime education, equipped up with life skills and 3 ‘A”‘s anecdotes; Attitude, Attributes and Aptitudes. As we open a new gateway in your next chapter of adult learning, you would certainly seize the moment to act today.Ready, On your mark, Get set, Go!

Alice Lek (Mrs)
(Executive Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology & Management of Human Resources)

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