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Appeals Procedure

Students who are in doubt about their examination or assessment results may submit an appeal for review of results using the Results Appeal Form through the Head of SSS giving their reasons. This appeal must be submitted within 1 week of the release of exam or assessment results, together with payment of the required fee. The Head of SSS passes the Appeal Form to the Academic Manager, who obtains the response from the Trainer/marker on the merit of the appeal. She then submits the appeals with the Trainer’s response to the Examination Board for a decision. Such appeals with a fee requirement is meant for BTEC external examinations as the Appeals will be sent to UK.

The Academic Manager will inform students of the Examination Board’s decision. The Head of SSS then updates the records.

NATC works within the following timelines for the processing and releasing of the final exam/assessment results and appeal results.

Release of final exam/assessment results – within 3 months after completion of the final paper of the examination/assessment

Release of appeal results – within 4-8 weeks from the date of appeal (depending on the nature of the course – in-house courses or courses administered by Partner Organisation)

A student whose appeal is unsuccessful may apply to take a re-test with a fee. This application must be submitted within 1 week of the release of the appeal results. If the student fails the re-test, he must repeat the unit in order to accumulate the required number of passed units for graduation.

Moderation process
NATC Institute takes the cue to moderate the BTEC student’s grades from Pearson’s External Verifier. As the practice of our Partner, Pearson, the External Verifier would be required to verify the grades of the students after the Internal Verifier reviews the grades. Nonetheless, the School has certain measures in place to ensure quality assurance:

  • We ensure marks and grades are awarded appropriately and consistently by adhering to the assessment criteria
  • Internal and External verifiers are appointed to ensure grades are moderated in a fair manner

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